Other Programmes

Already partnered in many research areas, these universities have come together to promote our excellent healthcare programmes. In addition to Medicine and Dentistry, IUMC universities also offer other healthcare courses to international students. These include:

• Pharmacy (UCC and TCD)

• Occupational Therapy (NUIG, UCC and TCD)

• Radiography (UCD)

• Physiotherapy (UCD and TCD)

• Speech and Language Therapy (NUIG and UCC)

• Radiation Therapy (TCD)

• Public Health and Health Promotion (UCC)

• Human Health and Disease (TCD)

• Biomedical, Health and Life Sciences (UCD)

• BioPharmaceutical Chemistry (NUIG)

• Sports and Exercise Management (UCD)

• Sports and Exercise Engineering (NUIG)

• Health and Performance Science (UCD)

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