Studying Medicine and Dentistry In Ireland

Ireland has a long tradition of educating students from all over the world and teaching them the Science and Art of Medicine and Dentistry.

There are many reasons why students from all over the world come to study in Ireland. The first is Ireland’s excellent international reputation for education and globally recognised degrees. The country has an excellent educational infrastructure which has contributed to the country’s well-educated and skilled young workforce. It is therefore not surprising that the world’s top technology, pharmaceutical and biomedical device companies now base their European headquarters in Ireland, along with the European Headquarters of Apple and Google.

Ireland has always had a reputation for producing excellent clinicians. Irish-trained doctors hold leading positions in the world’s top medical institutes. This is due in no small part to the early, consistent and varied clinical exposure that is a hallmark of medical training in Ireland. This clinical excellence is augmented by Irish graduates’ superb communication and critical thinking skills. Good communication skills are intrinsic to the practice of Medicine and Dentistry and Irish-trained doctors have a unique ability to explain, to teach and to communicate information.

Scientific research and innovation are part of Ireland’s national strategy. Research features highly in Irish medical education and all of the medical schools have diverse research portfolios and are aligned with leading research institutes.


Medical curricula in Ireland are integrated systems-based curricula – this means that students learn about the basic underlying sciences such as Anatomy and Physiology at the same time as studying clinical, psycho-social, communication and ethical aspects. Teaching methods are informed by best practice in medical education. As students progress, they spend more and more time in hospitals, where much of the learning is small group bedside teaching. There is also widespread use of e-learning and simulation teaching in all of the universities.

Our teaching hospitals also provide Post-Graduate training programmes under the auspices of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland.

Medical students graduate with the degree of MB. BCh. B.A.O. and this degree is recognised internationally. We also prepare students for the North American Medical Licensing Exams.


The five-year Dental Science programmes in UCC and Trinity College Dublin are based on an integrated curriculum. In the first and second years, the emphasis is on the basic and biological sciences such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Pathology. In the later years, the emphasis is on clinical training and the development of psychomotor skills. Students commence patient treatment in the clinical setting early in the second year.

Student Welfare

All of our Universities have well-developed student health, student welfare and student support services. There is a strong emphasis on sports and recreation and all of the universities have outstanding sports and exercise facilities including state of the art running tracks and gyms. The large number of clubs and societies are a great way to learn new skills and make new friends.


University campuses have a range of onsite restaurants, cafes, banks, bookshops and convenience stores. All of the universities have advanced IT and e-learning platforms along with dedicated language centres. Student accommodation consists of high-quality security-monitored residences either on campus or a short walk away (usually self-catering apartments with en-suite bedrooms).


Due to their long history in international student admissions, our universities have excellent International Student Offices providing a one-stop shop on all aspects of coming to live and study in Ireland including advice, visa requirements, application procedures, accommodation and support services. Student orientation programmes for international students commence before term starts and all students are assigned experienced mentors. Students settle in quickly, helped by peer support from other students, in particular the large number of international students.

Living in Ireland

Another reason for studying in Ireland is the Five-Star student experience. Ireland is considered ‘The World’s Friendliest Country’ by the Lonely Planet Guide and is an extremely easy place to settle into as a new student. It is a beautiful country with an unspoiled natural landscape – full of rugged mountains, rivers, lakes and magnificent beaches. Ireland is ideal for hiking, cycling, surfing, golfing or sailing.

It’s a great place for students! Almost 40% of the population is under the age of 40 and Dublin, Cork and Galway are all vibrant cosmopolitan cities with great restaurants, cafes and nightlife. Ireland is a country steeped in history and culture and the country has numerous music, film, drama and literature festivals, attracting visitors from all over the world. The country is renowned for its singers, musicians, writers and poets and Irish dancing was launched on the world stage by Riverdance.

Tourism and agriculture have always been an important part of the Irish economy. Ireland has a reputation for its great food, which is hardly surprising considering the plentiful supply of fresh produce from the country’s lush pasturelands.

A growing economy, good airline connections, and a great quality of life are just some of the reasons why people from all over the world come to live and work in Ireland.